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Sale of fake banknotes ((WHATSAPP +33753524411 0R +380505147326)

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Sale of fake banknotes ((WHATSAPP +33753524411 0R +380505147326)

EMAIL ::: benjack20008@gmail.com

Best regards to all. Now take the opportunity to get rich and be able to pay your tuition and have the money to buy school supplies, pay off your loans, your hospital bills, your utility bills and everything. other invoices. Please take the time to read this article before purchasing from us. We are professional computer technicians and produce undetected counterfeit currency for all currencies. Our notes are produced in an industrial and professional manner. We use quality aluminum foil elements (20% cellulose and 80% cotton paper). Our notes also have an infrared detector that UV devices can use, they can skip pen test and even eye detection. We also sell and offer cleaning solutions and services. Our banknotes have the following characteristics, which can be found on government issued notes. -Holograms and holographic tapes -Micro-letters -Ink and thread -Watermark -IR Detecton -Ultraviolet features -Look at the features -Various serial numbers These features make our banknotes 100% undetectable, 100% secure and much more secure for use in the following areas: BANKS, CASINO, ATM, MONEY EXCHANGE, STORES, etc.

EMAIL ::: benjack20008@gmail.com

(WHATSAPP +33753524411 0R +380505147326)

(WHATSAPP +33753524411 0R +380505147326)

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