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Super Sunglasses Gets A Face Lift In Spring And Summer 2018

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Super Sunglasses Gets A Face Lift In Spring And Summer 2018

If people aren’t lining up yet for the Spring and Summer 2011 line of Retro Super Future Sunglasses yet, its only a matter of time before it begins. In 2011, Super Sunglasses brings a lot to the table with some great contemporary shades that could be a perfect addition for your Spring or Summer style.

Retro Super Future has always been defined by their high quality products, their unique design, and reasonable pricing. This Spring and Summer will be no exception. Retro Super Future stays true to their core values of offering trendy products that all consumers can afford. Super has been experimenting with different materials to make different, unique, stylish sunglasses for all kinds of different looks.

Since being introduced in 2007, this Italian eyewear company has been seen all over Europe and also in Women Sunglasses on celebrities such as Kanye West, Valentino Rossi, Jessica Alba and many more. With celebrities like them rocking these shades, it is obvious that they will be around for years to come.

Super is introducing a number of collections in 2011, from the Contemporary Colors and Horns, to the Metal and Acetate and Gino and Chicano. With a wide range of different looks and styles, you should be able to find more that one to fit your needs for the Spring an Summer.

Another popular pair of shades this season is very likely going to be the Super Flat Top Sunglasses. These Super Sunglasses feature a strait edge top frame, a classic look, and all the protection you would expect from any leading eyewear company.


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The Contemporary Colors Collection by Retro Super Future includes styles like the RGB, Lucia, Andrea and People. These styles include a different range of color, but also representing the look of the beginning of Retro Super Future Eyewear.

The RGBs are a two tone flat top that come in black, with a choice of red, yellow or blue on the inside. This pair of Super Sunglasses is a discreet, but also sleek, pair of shades that will surely turn heads. These sunglasses have a very impressive retro look that will not disappoint.

The Lucia, Andrea and People all come in a semi-transparent frame with a large variety of different colors. These sunglasses are a much more loud, in your face pair of shades by Super that are just begging for attention. These also have a classic look to them and the Andrea is another version of Super’s flat top Mens Sunglasses.

My favorite collection of Retro Super Future Sunglasses is the Pure Black line. This collection feature many of Super’s styles in a simple black frame. The flat top style, which Super is well known for is included in this line along with other great styles such as the Lucias, Robins and Sideviews. If classic is your style, this line should work perfectly for you.

Retro Super Future has been getting more and more popular as the years pass and in Spring and Summer of 2011 expect to continue seeing these shades everywhere. This is a trend I expect to stick around for a while and it wont be hard to find a pair of Super Sunglasses that look amazing for you.

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